Lantus Insulin Cartridges


What is a Lantus Cartridge?

Lantus cartridges contain insulin glargine, which is a long-acting insulin. It is meant to be used only with corresponding insulin pens. When you purchase a package of Lantus Cartridges, you receive five 3ml cartridges.

Lantus Insulin Cartridges contain insulin glargine meant for injections to help you manage diabetes. The solution in these cartridges is a revolutionary type of insulin and it is indicated for one daily dose. You should talk to your doctor about your specific treatment. The recombinant human insulin analog contained in these cartridges can be used on patients over the age of 17 with either diabetes Type 1 or diabetes Type 2 mellitus who can benefit from the use of long acting insulin to manage hyperglycemia. Ask your doctor for more information about this product and whether it is recommended for you.

What is a Lantus Cartridge used for?

Lantus is used by adults, adolescents, and even in children aged six and above with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Lantus cartridges must only be used with OptiPen, ClikSTAR, TactiPen, and Autopen 24, since dosing accuracy has only been established with these insulin pens. Lantus can be used alongside other types of insulin and oral antidiabetic medications.

Why use Lantus Cartridges?

Lantus cartridges permit once-daily dosing, which is convenient and tolerable for many patients with diabetes. Also, Lantus has been clinically proven to lower HbA1C and improve blood sugar control when used alongside with proper diet and exercise.

Once opened, Lantus cartridges can be used for up to four weeks when kept at room temperature. This further adds to its convenience, as patients can enjoy the flexibility of keeping their insulin pens with them instead of storing it into the refrigerator after every dose. It also has a shelf-life of three years.



Pack with 5 cartridges x 3.0 ml each

Qty Price Cost per unit
1 $187.13 USD $187.13 USD
2 $335.94 USD $167.97 USD
3 $484.77 USD $161.59 USD
4 – 100000 $633.56 USD $158.39 USD

The amount you can order is limited to a 90-day supply based on your prescription.

Please note: We do not accept insurance coverage as payment.


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