Insulin Humulin 30 / 70 Cartridges


What is Humulin 30/70 cartridge?

Humulin 30/70 cartridge is a mixture of 70% Human Insulin Isophane Suspension (Humulin N) and 30% Human Insulin Injection (Humulin R). It is an intermediate-acting insulin combining the short action of Humulin R and the intermediate action of Humulin N. Humulin 30/70 is prepared as a sterile suspension and should only be used via subcutaneous injection. It must not be used intravenously or intramuscularly. Humulin 30/70 cartridge is supplied in a package of five 3ml cartridges at a concentration of 100 units each.

This product includes cartridges with 30% Humulin R and 70% Humulin N, the same formula included in Humulin 30/70 Vials. Cartridges are meant to be used for injections to help you regulate your sugar levels and manage your diabetes.

What is Humulin 30/70 cartridge used for?

Humulin 30/70 can be used to treat patients that are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Humulin 30/70 should be used with Lilly’s reusable insulin pens such as HumaPen Luxura, HumaPen Ergo, and HumaPen Savvio.

Why use Humulin 30/70 cartridge?

Due to a duration of action of up to 24 hours after injection, it can be used in diabetic patients that require a more constant and even action of insulin over a longer period of time.

Humulin 30/70 is used because of the time it takes to take effect and the length of time the effects last. Other products, such as Humulin R (regular human insulin) and Humulin N (NPH), may not be as suitable for certain patients



Pack with 5 cartridges x 3.0 mL

Qty Price Cost per unit
1 $105.39 USD $105.39 USD
2 $179.10 USD $89.55 USD
3 $252.84 USD $84.28 USD
4 $326.56 USD $81.64 USD
5+ $404.25 USD $80.85 USD

The amount you can order is limited to a 90-day supply based on your prescription.

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